My journey into jewellery making began at the young age of eight, when I discovered seed beads for the first time. I was instantly fascinated by all the colourful possibilities that these tiny beads offered, and I quickly set out to create little beaded animals and flowers like the ones I found in Grandma’s garden. (By this point I had run out of green beads, so the flowers had blue stalks. But, of course, Grandma loved them all the same.)

I continued to create with beads for nearly two decades, exploring traditional beadwork styles from around the world and coming up with my own contemporary designs, until my curiosity for all things jewellery-related led me to explore working with metal. I still remember the first time I watched a piece of silver slowly melt under a flame, transforming through a rainbow of colours and shapes under my very eyes... It felt magical, and I was hooked!

I still feel the same joy every time I sit down at my jeweller's bench to work on a new piece, and am still amazed by the huge variety of forms and colours that silver can transform into.

I feel very lucky to be able to spend my days doing what I love, surrounded by the beautiful French countryside in Burgundy. The window of my studio looks out over the rolling hills, and as I'm working I'm constantly inspired by the stunning nature and wide open space around me. Each time I design a new piece, I try to translate some of this beauty and elegance into unique jewellery that will make the wearer feel truly beautiful.

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